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Ferne vom Industrielarm, in naturlicher Umgebung, von den Zalaer Waldern umgeben, in unmittelbarer Nähe von Heilwasserquellen, 6 km von der slowenischen und 15 km von der kroatischen Grenze entfernt bzw. 50 km von der österreichischen Grenze und Bad Radkersburg befindet sich in Lenti das Hotel und Restaurant Zéta. Der Bau begann 1983 und... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Single room privat (1 persons)
66.67 €
Double room private (2 persons, 1 double bed)
120 €
Triple-room (3 persons, 1 double bed)
180 €

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The Feng Shui principles furnished hotel in the surrounding forests, and the family atmosphere of the village discovered in St. George, healing the earth invisible radiation contribute to our guests to inherit the power to return home relaxed and Gosztola nyaralásukból. They do not know why and how, just right here ... Rooms: ... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons, 1 double bed)
198.46 €
Triple-room (3 persons)
251.54 €
4 bed room (4 persons, 2 double bed)
335.38 €
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Meet and close to the heart of the New Balance Hotel Thermal Hotel Lenti! Lenti is located in the western part of our hotel, 140 km from Graz and 9 km from the Slovenian border. Starting from below the city center is a few minutes' walk away, where many a pleasant shopping and recreational facilities for its guests. Discover the attractions... More...

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